What is Smm Panel What is it for?

SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing, is known as social media marketing. In this sector, individuals or companies usually provide the service privately. The overall purpose of the system is to help a company, a person or a brand increase its advertising impact, value, and customer reach. The system does this with the social media jobs it provides. The system enables all social networks. Generally, panels give you the chance to buy followers or likes at a lower cost than those bought outside. If we need to explain the reason for this, we can explain as follows, wholesale purchase is always cheaper. In these panels, we load balances and spend according to the balances we load. We use the system according to our satisfaction.What is Smm Panel - SMM Today

How Do I Order at SMM Panel, How Does Order Creation Process Work?

In general, the order creation process of the SMM Panel is very simple. It consists of certain stages. We have listed these stages below.

  • Category Selection
  • Service Selection
  • Link Entry
  • Amount to be Sent

After completing these stages, we create our orders and wait for their completion. 90% of SMM Panels are automatic, ie it works with API, and 10% works manually.

(You can place orders 24/7 with API, but orders that pass through manual panels will be delivered to you at certain time intervals.)

What is API System? How Does It Work?

API is an interface that provides communication between programs known as Application Programming Interface. It is the healthiest way to establish a direct connection between two panels. We have listed below what you can do with the help of the API.

  • You can create automatic orders from your remote panel.
  • You can check and update the status of your order.
  • You can query your current balance.
  • When you own or rent a new SMM Panel, you generally encounter a very simple API binding function.

These functions are divided into two.

  1. API URL
  2. API Key

You can obtain the API URL from the API page of the panel where you use the system. Generally, it is in the form https://smmtoday.com/api/v1. Nevertheless, do not neglect to check it. You can get API Key mostly from the My Account page. You may come across a representative API Key with encryption formatted in the “8NkCSqA8oSjDKV6HG4BufxdJ4tRUsqz3” format or a different format.

If I am an SMM panel owner or rent, is there any possibility to be a user? If I Have My Own User, Can I Make Sales If I Have a Panel?

Let’s first answer the first question. No, there is no such possibility. The reason is that SMM Panels do not have a function such as user retention. They do not have such features. You do not log into these panels directly with your social media accounts in the form of id-pass. You design a classic panel account (e-mail, user name, password) and perform your transactions.

Going to the second question, our answer would be an absolute yes. Of course, you can. Today, most of the panel owners already use their own data in this way.

What is the Difference Between Having an SMM Panel Owner and Renting?

Although it seems that there is not much difference, there are actually many differences between them. If you own and buy SMM Panel (we recommend that the panel you purchased is a licensed original SMM Panel), a wonderful system awaits you after completing your installation. Open a ticket here to purchase SMM Panel. You can change the area you want in the site, and if you have CSS, you can get a unique and original site according to your mind with your JS knowledge.

Just be careful, do not forget to take backups in every transaction because SMM Panels are coded in a much different design than the scripts we know. You pay for the hosting, SSL, and domain. But if you choose the rental option, you will get SSL and domain coverage by removing the hosting. (Some panel providers provide SSL by themselves.) The type of operation you will do here is limited. You have no chance to access FTP or cPanel. You cannot manipulate the files in such a way that you can even connect only contracted APIs with some panel providers. This can make you a little uncomfortable and you may want to find a new provider after paying the initial rental fee.

How to Sell on SMM Panel, How to Make a Profit?

What if you don’t have your own data, you signed up with a safe and quality provider you found. We added our products to the system, and we made each product adapt to API. During these processes, open a demo account for yourself and test your system with a test subject. The next process, unfortunately, does not only work through money order.

As we are in the age of technology, the man wants to buy your service directly by credit card or by mobile payment. And, most of the panels are using all kinds of popular payment gateways for accepting funds from the customers. So, don’t worry about the payment methods.

If you want to work with PayTr and Paywant payment gateways, you have no chance to create an account on PayTR without being a taxpayer. So you can tend to Paywant, after submitting your application on Paywant they subject your site to review and, if found appropriate, will approve your account. “When did you open the site?”, “What is your monthly income?” Such questions are posed.

Let’s say you have an agreement with Paywant. Now your site has become a professional SMM Panel. Let’s assume that the Instagram Turkish Likes sale is 10 kurus at the API provider you have agreed with, you have to put your profit on it and put it up for sale. I do not recommend a 100% profit rate, because their prices will be very high compared to competing SMM Panels. Therefore, rates such as 50% -60% will be more beneficial for you.

Thus, the average 50TL of the 100TL balance installed by the user coming to you will be left to you, the rest will be the service provider. Let’s say you add all your products at a rate of 50% and you have a sale in the form of 100TL, 50TL, 50TL, 200TL, 100TL. Do not worry, collect all the balances, it has 500TL. The percentage of profit on you was 50%. Thus, by giving 250 TL directly to the service provider, no user will waste your balance at the service provider and your orders will not be delayed. In addition, when calculating after a few days, it does not cause you to be dismissed by thinking “how did this balance end?”.

Does SMM Cause Panel Problems Through Legal Ways Or Is It Legal?

If you are planning to enter this job, you must first be informed about the services you have provided. If you go and write 100% Full Turkish Followers, if 70% Thai men appear, the buyer can get angry and swear at you, even threaten and chase the way to the court. If you go and swear at the man, then the event becomes personal and he can sue you directly.

However, in the event of possible missing followers, if there is a deviation in the region, that is, foreign followers instead of Turkish, provide small compensation in order not to lose that customer in case of delay. If you can, cancel the order, return the balance and; make it useful in other services. You can also add an additional bonus balance.

If you write “This is our bank account, make your payment here, write these explanations” in every corner of the site, someone will come and complain about you. A little warning, do not put the payment details in the eyes of the customers with such huge fonts and huge pop-ups or anything.

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