Is the Instagram Marketing King in the Digital Marketing Field?

There’s one thing all social media marketers agree on: Instagram is the most powerful marketing tool to access. Instagram marketing king, Kylie Jenner, proves it. On the platform, she posts daily, sharing everything from her outfits to her daily makeup routine. It’s a social media platform that is totally for Kylie. So, Instagram is the most powerful marketing platform than the other platforms available in the marketing aspect of digital marketing.

With more than 3.7 billion people using it, Instagram has become one of the “sweet places” for marketers since it provides a wide array of possibilities when it comes to online marketing using advertisements and tools. It’s a fact that Instagram is proving its value and has become a must-have for every social media marketing plan.Instagram Marketing King

The Truth About Instagram

Instagram is extremely influential, and more than 8 million companies are linked to it, and they promote their services on the platform.

Although 48.8 percent of US companies are making use of social media in their marketing, 33% of businesses use Instagram. The above numbers are amazing. If you’re a marketer in today’s highly competitive market do not forget the potential of Instagram. However, you cannot avoid other platforms either, and establishing an image through Instagram can yield positive outcomes in a brief period.

Instagram plays a crucial part in the success of your company. Let’s prove this by going through some shocking data.

  1. Instagram has reached 700 million active monthly users since its inception at the end of 2010.
  2. 60 percent of Instagram users use the platform daily which makes it the most used and most popular social network.
  3. 30 percent of Internet users are active on Instagram
  4. GenZ along with Teenagers tend to be the biggest users.
  5. To date, more than 40 billion images or videos were shared.
  6. As mentioned earlier, 48.8% of brands are active on Instagram
  7. The engagement rate is also moreover Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

After you’ve read this information, you now have the reason Instagram is a well-known marketing tool and draws the attention of companies across the world due to its potential to create a high degree of engagement as well as brand loyalty. It’s true that Facebook is another very popular social network, but according to the research done by Forrester, Instagram has a more than 58 times greater engagement rate than Facebook. That’s huge.

In the United States, more than 7 million people use Instagram and more than half of them are using it daily. Not just for clothing and fashion brands Food is also the second most talked-about segment. Over the last few years, we are aware of how social media and technology developments have changed the industry of restaurants. In light of this, the majority of restaurant owners today consider the development of apps for food delivery as a vital aspect of the success of their restaurant as well as having an Instagram profile that features tasty food can encourage customers to make a purchase or reservations.

Reasons that make Instagram the King of other platforms

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established company or a new starting a new venture, gaining traction on Instagram must be your top important goal. Find out seven reasons Instagram continues to gain importance and how your business can profit from its use.

  • More people using Instagram
  • Increase customer engagement and increase boost sales
  • Marketing via visuals
  • Generation Y loves to Insta
  • It’s a treasure trove to receive ratings and feedback
  • Mobility is the key to success
  • Advertisement on Instagram will yield greater results

Ingredients that make Instagram Marketing Successful

Social media platforms change and upgrade their features quickly. They update their features to provide the best services to users and remain current and competitive against other platforms. The same is true for Instagram. In the past, users were permitted to share pictures and videos with their followers however, now they can share various filters such as direct messages and life stories, or reels Instagram has evolved a lot in the past few years which is why it’s become an essential tool for marketing businesses. In the end, its attractive features will make people want to stay longer in the application.

Shoppable Posts

Instagram continues to evolve through the years. Today you can invite your customers to purchase your items through the Shop Tab, which is accessible on the profile of your brand and allows users to browse products directly on Instagram. Additionally, it offers shoppable posts which allow companies to tag their items with links to their websites and descriptions of the product price as well as CTA buttons, such as “shop right now.” It’s a way to ensure that customers do not need to visit the site or install an app in order to buy your purchases. Most beauty and fashion products can are exactly the same thing.

Get More Value from IGTV

IGTV is becoming popular and longer videos than stories are available on IGTV it’s an app that is separate but can be extremely useful when integrated with Instagram. Users can also look at the videos, and then go live with other users. You can also create an entire series for your IGTV channel and viewers receive notifications when a new video is posted.

Hashtags Create Your Brand Unique

With more brands using Instagram and Instagram, you might feel intimidated by the number of users but you are able to stand out with unique and original hashtags that stand out from the rest. For example, Coca-Cola uses the #Shareacoke hashtag on all of its posts to attract users’ interest. Utilizing unique hashtags will make your brand more memorable and makes you stand out from your competitors.

Other exciting features

Beyond the above fantastic attributes, there’s something you can test to market your product.

  1. Go live
  2. You can also define a minimum age to access your account
  3. Discover active followers on the tab
  4. Share location
  5. Fashion brands may also utilize AR/VR capabilities so that consumers can test products before making a purchase.

What Now?

The above statements and facts have proven one thing advertising products through Instagram can yield positive results. Whatever company you are in, Instagram has it all that provides users with relevant content and assists brands in establishing an impressive online presence. With more than 800 million users who are unique each month, Instagram not only gives your company an additional channel to promote your product but also lets you interact with your customers.

Make a great profile, share quality content, and connect with your viewers. Utilize Instagram Insights to refine your overall marketing strategy, which keeps you one step ahead of the competitive landscape. These benefits show that neglecting Instagram can result in more expense and so, take the first step to create an account, schedule posts, and engage your target audience.

Presently, Instagram stands first when it is choosing the most suitable social media platform. It isn’t a bubble that will is likely to explode, but an ever-growing trend that continues to attract millions of companies over time.

In conclusion, Instagram marketing is one of the hottest trends today. Instagram has become the number one social media network where marketers can easily promote themselves. Instagram marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools of digital marketing. Instagram marketing has also changed the way people share, interact and work. Instagram marketing has opened new opportunities for businesses to advertise their brand and their products.

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