How to Avoid Mistakes on Instagram?

Mistakes to Avoid on InstagramWith this guide you will be able to avoid mistakes on Instagram, you will be able to distance yourself from the most common mistakes made on this social network.

Using many common hashtags

It’s a common mistake on Instagram to stuff a post with hashtags in anticipation of reaching more. The problem is that by misusing the source, your brand can be seen as a source of spam, mainly including generic or very common terms.

Posting at different times

Posting at different times at the beginning of the company’s strategy on Instagram is very valid when you want to test and determine the best time of day to reach your business audience. But once this discovery is made, the tactic loses its meaning. Here is an example:

You already know that most of your followers will be online at 5pm for your post to start going live. When the first followers engage with the post, this will be reinforced and will appear to more people active at the time.

The more users online, the greater the chance that the content will be viewed and distributed organically. This interaction ensures that the post is at the top of your followers’ feed and also featured in the Instagram feed.

Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram
Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram
Do not post low-quality images

Instagram is a highly visual platform. In the app, users try to show or express something through videos, photos, GIFs. This means that people value the quality of the image more than the message they want to convey.

Not planning content

Not scheduling content is one of the main mistakes you can make on Instagram. If well thought out, content can benefit your brand results. But if you do the opposite, it’s impossible to gauge whether your action is relevant.

One tip to avoid this error on Instagram is to schedule all week’s content as early as Monday. That way, the company can set goals, schedule tasks, and gauge whether it’s communicating correctly after five days.

Buy followers and get results

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